Acer Swift Go 14 - Intel Ultra 7 155H + Intel Arc eSports Laptop (In Stock)

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Introducing the Acer Swift Go 14 Laptop powered by the Intel Ultra 7 155H processor and Intel Arc Graphics iGPU. Designed for versatility and mobility, this laptop strikes a perfect balance between performance and portability. With its powerful processing capabilities and dedicated graphics, the Acer Swift Go 14 ensures smooth multitasking and offers a reliable platform for casual gaming and everyday computing tasks. Enjoy the convenience of a sleek, lightweight design coupled with efficient performance for work, entertainment, and light gaming on-the-go. Whether it's handling daily office tasks or unwinding with your favorite games, this laptop is your go-to companion for both work and play. This laptop can handle basic eSports titles at lower settings, and for the business person out there this is top of the line in terms of portability and speed!

Display - |  14" Touch  |  1920x1200 60Hz  |

CPU Intel Ultra 7 155H 16 Core 22 Thread
GPU Intel Arc Graphics iGPU
Storage 1TB NVMe Gen 4.0
Case Acer Swift Go 14
Cooler OEM

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