Custom Win98 3D Printed Gaming PC (eBay Alaska360)(Free Shipping)

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We recently bought this PC from eBay seller Alaska360 and we had a blast with this time machine! This is a new/old Windows98 computer that is very small inside of a 3D printed computer case. Ours came with some LED's for a custom touch. This PC has no warranty due to it being a very niche and unique. These sell for $300 + tax on eBay currently, so we're selling it at $250 with free shipping, and we can sign it upon request. Go check out the ToastyBros YouTube channel to see how it games and some of the games that come with it!

GPU Integrated Graphics
Mobo Proprietary
Storage 128GB SSD
PSU  Power Brick
Case Custom 3D Printed
Cooler Stock
Vintage ITX Custom Color Mini PC

A Custom Built to order Win98 computer for running classic apps and games.

-Windows 98 with Unofficial SP2 (Can Also Install Windows 95/NT/2000/ME/XP/ on request)
-All drivers installed
-Some games included
-1.0 GHZ Via CPU
-512MB ram
-128 GB SSD
-10/100 Ethernet
-New CMOS Battery
-Includes Power Supply (Of Course)

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