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Extra: Layaway Plan - Ethan

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Layaway plan:
Payment will be required every month on a specified date until the system is paid off in full (including any shipping costs/taxes/fees/etc...) If any payments are late, or unable to be made, there will be a late fee added for each day that the payment is late (1% of the payment due amount, per day that it's late). Payments can be made early, please just let us know that you'd like to do so and we can get it set up for you. You can also pay extra when making payments, just let us know ahead of time so we can provide you with the proper invoice with the extra amount. Extra payments will not lower the next payment that will be due, they will just shorten the time that it takes to pay it off. We will send you an email each month with instructions on how and when to make the next payment. Please make sure that you have added our email address to your contacts so that our messages do not go to spam. If you have not received an email from us within 72 hours of the payment due date, please let us know and we can make sure you get a link. If at any point a payment is late over 90 days, we will terminate the layaway agreement and any payments that had already been made up until that point will then be forfeited. We will then relist the item on our site and no longer be able to reserve it for you. As part of the setup of the layaway plan, an additional fee of 10% ($85) of the total purchase price ($850) will be added on to the total amount due.

This layaway plan is for the PC listed at https://pcbros.tech/collections/gaming-pcs/products/intel-i5-4590-gtx-1060-gaming-pc-ready-to-ship
CUSTOMER CHANGED TO: https://pcbros.tech/collections/gaming-pcs/products/ryzen-5600g-6-core-12-thread-gaming-pc

Layaway Fee: (10% * $850) = $85
Shipping Fee: $40
​First payment: $75 (due immediately)
Monthly payments: $75 (due by the 15th of each month)

​Total due: $85 + $40 + $850 + late fees (if applicable)​​ = ​$975*

Payment Schedule**:
August 15th 2021: $75
September 15th 2021: $75
October 15th 2021: $75
​November 15th 2021: $75
December 15th 2021: $75
​January 15th 2022: $75
​February 15th 2022: $75
March 15th 2022: $75
April 15th 2022: $75
May 15th 2022: $75
June 15th 2022: $75
July 15th 2022: $75
August 15th 2022: $75
*Total due subject to change based on any fees.
**Schedule may change based on any extra payments made or any late payments.