Intel i3 3770 + GTX 960 Gaming PC

Sale price$425.00

Here's an old but still pretty capable gaming PC we got on trade-in and refreshed for a new home! Featuring the Intel i7 3700 and GTX 960, this PC will be able to lighter 1080p gaming, and on lower settings can play select Triple-A titles on lower refresh rates. We gave this PC a full cleaning, reinstalled windows, and tested it to ensure its in perfect working condition so its ready to game and look good while doing so!

This PC comes with Windows 10 Pro installed and activated + our 1 year PCBros warranty. Wi-Fi not included on motherboard, but adapter can be purchased for additional cost. Original box included

CPU Intel i7 3770 4 Core 8 Thread
RAM 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz (4x4)
Storage 512GB 2.5" Inch SSD
MoBo Gigabyte GA-H77M
PSU Apevia 600W
Case Antec AX61 Black
Cooler Tower Cooler

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