Intel i5 13400F + RTX 3060 Gaming/Streaming PC

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CyberPower prebuilds offer tons of price to performance when it comes to prebuilds, and you can even save some more money when picking them up used in great condition like this one we received on trade-in at our local shop, upon getting this nice PC in, we completely refreshed this build with some new thermal paste, a brand new Windows 11 install, a deep cleaning, and we also upgraded the RAM because the big flaw with these prebuilds is their single channel memory. We upgraded to a really nice dual channel 32GB kit so you're not held back when gaming and multitasking!

In gaming, expect the RTX 3060 to comfortably handle all of your Esports titles on high settings achieving high refresh rates, and Nvidia's 30 series upscaling technology works nicely to achieve higher refresh rates on AAA titles as well, this PC makes for a great 1080p gaming machine and with the upgrades we did, you'll have no problems completing any task or playing any game you want.

Like mentioned above, we received this build on trade-in, in great condition and this whole build comes backed by our PCBros 1 year parts and labor warranty. We install all drivers, updates, and test our PC's to ensure its perfect for you when you get it home! Windows 11 Home has been installed and activated.  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is integrated into Motherboard, so no adapter will be needed!

No original box included, power cable is included though!

CPU Intel i5 13400F 10 Core 16 Thread
GPU Zotac Gaming RTX 3060
Mobo Asus Prime B760M-A AX
RAM 32GB Teamgroup Tforce Vulcan Z Red DDR5-6000Mhz (2x16)
Storage 500GB Western Digital SN750SE Gen 4 NVMe SSD
PSU  EVGA 600W 80+ Gold
Case CyberPower PC
Cooler Cooler Master RGB Cooler

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