Intel i7 4770 + GTX 1660 Super Gaming PC (In Stock)

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Looking for a gaming pc on a Budget? This system powered by the Intel i7 4770 processor and GTX 1660 Super graphics card will do the job. This classic setup offers dependable performance, making it a great choice for entry-level gaming. Whether you're tackling office tasks, enjoying some casual gaming, or both, this PC has you covered. Wi-Fi is installed, tested, and activated. Windows 10 Pro is installed, tested, and activated. 

CPU Intel i7 4770 4 Core 8 Thread
GPU GTX 1660 Super 
Storage 512GB TeamGroup Vulcan Z SSD 2.5"
MoBo Machinist H81 Micro ATX
PSU Zalman Gigamax 600W 80+ Bronze
Cooler Stock 

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