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Remote Maintenance Service

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Our Remote Maintenance Service can either provide a one time service to address issues that may be occurring with your system, or you can subscribe to the service and know that you'll receive proper protection and optimizations to keep your system running at tip-top shape!

Our standard remote maintenance service will provide you with the following remote support benefits for one (1) PC:

  • Remove all unwanted software, such as PuPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), Malware (Viruses, Adware, Spyware, etc.), and other Unnecessary software that could be slowing down your system or may affect your PCs security
  • Ensure that all hardware drivers are fully up to date
  • Update all anti-malware software and firewalls to provide ongoing protection
  • Install the latest Windows and program updates which may help to secure and speed up your PC
  • Clean out old temporary files that may be taking up space
  • Perform other optimizations for maximum speed
  • Assist in setting up a backup service for important files and/or make sure that any backup software is updated and performing as expected
  • Set up system restore points in the event that you need to roll back your system to an earlier time due to issues you may have
  • Protect your privacy by making sure your system is ready prevent the latest threats including malware and ransomware attacks

 All subscription plans come with the following benefits for one (1) PC*:

  • All benefits of the standard Remote Maintenance Service listed above
  • Monthly scheduled remote checkup to secure, clean, optimize, and update your system
  • Notification of high priority security updates with remote support to secure your system
  • Unlimited email support
  • Personalized upgrade recommendations
  • Total peace of mind that your PC is secure, fast, reliable, and runs at it's full potential!**

*Subscription benefits are only available during the life of your subscription.

**We are unable to boost your system's performance more than the hardware will allow, however we will optimize your system to take full advantage of the hardware you have.

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