Ryzen 7 5800X3D + RX 6600 Gaming PC

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We've got another amazing deal for you all! This PC is being sold at the cost of the parts! We recently went to Microcenter and built this PC for $730, and now that we don't need it for the video anymore, we're selling it for no upcharge! All you have to pay for is shipping and you get the 1 year warranty. In gaming, this PC is a great 1080p machine, especially with the 3D V-Cache processor from AMD. The RX 6600 can game in 1080p high refresh rates across the board with settings optimization in select AAA titles, and it'll have no problem in Esports titles, 1080p high refresh rate!

This build features all new parts and this whole build comes backed by our PCBros 1 year parts and labor warranty. We install all drivers, updates, and test our PC's to ensure its perfect for you when you get it home! Windows 11 Pro has been installed and activated.  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is integrated into Motherboard, so no adapter will be needed! The case fan RGB can not be changed, it is the one static color you see in the pictures!

CPU Ryzen 7 5800X3D 8 Core 16 Thread
GPU ASRock RX 6600 8GB GDDR6
Mobo Asus TUF B550
RAM 16GB G.Skill DDR4 (2x8)
Storage 500GB Inland Gen 3 NVMe SSD
PSU  Powerspec 650W PSU + Black/White Sleeved Cables
Case Montech X3
Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black

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