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Build Consultation & Advice

Build Consultation & Advice

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This is a fee for a build consultation or advice regarding PC's. We do offer free email support regarding our products already for sale of course . However parting together a theoretical build or build that a customer wants to buy takes time. It often takes us 30-45 minutes to simply pick out the parts for a proper build for a customer. 

The fee will go towards the total price IF the customer decides to have us build a PC for them after we make a PC parts picker list.

Why would you pay for a service like this?

  1. We will part together a build that is actually using in stock parts
  2. The build will yield the best bang for buck based on your use case
  3. The parts will all be compatible with each other
  4. Clear up any questions you may have 

This fee is not refundable if you decide not to have us build a PC for you.

Once your order goes through we will review your budget, and any special requests you have made, then we'll reach out to you with a build that we believe will work for your needs.