Budget Office Gamer 4th Gen i5 + RX 6400

Sale price$325.00 USD
Storage (SSD): 500GB

Similar to our other i5 Dell OptiPlex 790, this is an upgraded version of that system and really packs a punch! This PC comes with Windows 10 Pro installed on its fast 500GB SSD. We have upgraded these systems with a RX 6400 4GB and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. This PC will play modern titles at 1080p with great performance! This is for those who take their gaming more seriously and want top-notch performance, without sacrificing money on looks and lighting! 

Comes with Windows 10 Pro installed, tested, and activated, and a power cord. Benchmarks are NOT the same build but are very similar in performance.

CPU Intel i5 4th Gen or better
GPU AMD RX 6400 (Low Profile) (at least 2 display outs)
Storage 500GB SSD
MoBo Intel
PSU 255W Power Supply
Case Dell OptiPlex
Cooler Stock


This PC does NOT have Wi-Fi installed. We highly recommend using ethernet for maximum speed and stability. If Wi-Fi is a must, you may purchase a separate USB Wi-Fi adapter.

*This is a pre-owned system that we have cleaned up to the best of our abilities and upgraded to put performance in front of looks. These systems will be in different physical conditions but will perform as well as a new prebuilt, if not better! Unfortunately, we are only able to offer free shipping to the continental US, but we do offer a discounted shipping rate on this product.

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